John McAfee says he has invented a gadget that stops the NSA from spying on you!

The NSA (National Security Agency) has been in the news a LOT lately for spying on Americans.  Not American criminals, terrorists, traitors or anarchists but ordinary Americans like you and I.  They're monitoring our social media pages, reading our email, watching what web sites we visit and who knows what else.  Anything you do or say, the government's probably aware of.

There may be hope though!  John McAfee who founded the McAfee Antivirus Software company says he's developing a device that can block the NSA and he'll sell it to you for $100!!  According to a story on, it basically

provides a localized dynamic network where users can communicate in private and share files. It will provide a private and public mode, and McAfee says he's planning to use public nodes too.  McAfee explains the device is localized and has a range of around three blocks. Everyone in those three blocks can then communicate with each other privately.

That way you can't be monitored so you and your honey can send each other dirty pics or you and your carnals can plot a governmental overthrow without Big Brother listening in. Of course this is the same ... "eccentric" shall we say ... millionaire who created the video below to teach us how to uninstall HIS own antivirus program.

(Careful, this vid is very NSFW!)

Yeah ... I'm not holding my breath on this NSA blocking stuff!