After hearing the news that Paris Jackson tried to commit suicide on Tuesday night, we all found out some of the reasons why. Including Marilyn Manson.


One of the big reasons she apparently attempted suicide was her family was not going to allow the fifteen year old to attend the Marilyn Manson concert that was tonight in Los Angeles. It was a school night and her guardian did not think it was appropriate for her to attend on a school night. She got upset, scream, ran to her room and slammed the door to her room shut. After is apparently when she tried to commit suicide.

After hearing this news, Marilyn Manson spoke to TMZ about the incident and said Paris will be given VIP treatment to any of his concerts she ever wants to go to. Manson said, "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want."

Paris is still being hospitalized for her suicide attempt and is being held on a 51 50 in Los Angeles.