With marijuana becoming legal across the board in a couple of states and for medical use in a few others, an old debate is opening back up!

Is marijuana safer than alcohol?  More and more, it appears that illegal beats legal! (Legalization in Texas?)

The Centers For Disease Control say alcohol is related to 88,000 deaths per year while cigarettes, (also legal!!), racked up 440,000 deaths last year.  Marijuana related deaths are virtually unheard of so, it would appear that pot is the lesser of these "evils"!

Photo, Getty Images

According to an article at yahoo.com:

Alcohol can lead to liver disease, binge drinking can lead to death in as little as 5 minutes, it causes side effects when taken with medications, and can shut down areas of the brain regulating heartbeat and respiration ... among other things.

Marijuana use can lead to a loss of balance and coordination, forgetfulness, (Though, they may have fixed that one!) and lowered inhibitions, which can lead to unprotected sex and other potentially negative decisions.  (Hmmmm ... death or I fall down and have sex.)

Inhaling smoke is bad for you but, studies indicate marijuana smoke does not have the same ill effects on people as cigarette smoke does.

In short, when it comes to what is worse for you between grass, smokes or alcohol; looks like weed wins! Even the POTUS expressed a belief that the mota is safer than the booze. What do you think??