Across the country, marijuana laws are being reformed.  What's next for Texas?

A petition to have Texas become a "Cite And Release State" is circulating across the state and in El Paso.  "Cite and Release" meaning a ticket Vs. a full on arrest, trial, etc... According to Colt DeMorris of El Paso NORML, this law is already on the books. A message on the El Paso NORML facebook page says:

It's already a law in Texas, so we aren't trying to change drug laws. We are trying to establish a city ordinance where law enforcement focuses their time more on crimes against persons than wasting time on non-violent cannabis offenders.

People found with cannabis WILL STILL have to appear in front of a judge and there is still a possibility of going to jail. The ordinance will give people a fighting opportunity to keep the arrest record and charge of their record, if represented right in court.

This is NOT decriminalization but it is a step in the right direction. Again, we can not change drug laws in Texas at the local level. What we are pushing already is a law. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Chapter 14 Article 14.06(c).

With this implemented, it can save the County massive amounts of money!

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Saving money, eliminating some long term effects of being caught with marijuana that could cause you problems years, or even decades after the fact and freeing up law enforcement officials to go after real criminals?  Seems like a good idea to me.

If you're a registered voter (find out if you are here) and would like to sign the petition, contact Danny Perez at (915) 922 - 0071 or, come to the next NORML meeting!!

If you'd like to circulate the petitions and gather more signatures, you can download a copy here.  There are certain conditions, such as having it notarized, so contact El Paso NORML for more info!

What do you think of this idea?