A video has been circulating around the internet to show another example of the injustice happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Just two days after protesters took to the city streets to demand an end to police brutality, another resident is shot.

On April 1st, Gilbert Angelo Serrano, was shot by a deputy marshal. Witnesses say the US Marshals demanded Serrano to get out of his vehicle but before he could, they fired. Serrano was wanted on new charges including 3 counts of child abuse and an account of aggravated battery and also had not been meeting his requirements for parole since February. Another man that was in the truck during the incident was also take into custody. Many witness told KRQE News Serrano was unarmed.

After the shooting the US Marshals asked witnesses to hand over their cellphones that had any pictures or videos. People began to protest right at the scene as soon as word spread about the incident. Serrano is reported to have been released from the hospital Tuesday evening. A member of the task force was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.