Traffic can be such a waste of time and pretty boring. If you are trying to pass time while you wait for everyone to get it together on the freeway, maybe you listen to music and just have a mini concert in your car. One guy actually puts on a little concert in his car for passengers to enjoy, but mostly to make himself a rockstar known as The Pied-Piper of Los Angeles.

Alex Grosse caught a special private concert by the Pied-Piper one day and posted to YouTube. The majestic flutist doesn't let traffic get him down. Instead it seems like he takes this time to practice and entertain others who are creeping around looking into other people's cars.

For a few moments, Grosse captures this magical moment of the Piper of L.A. playing like no one is watch. Luckily, everyone is watching and has now shared this phenomenal man with the rest of the internet. Now if only we could find someone busting out a guitar or maracas in El Paso traffic.

He's pretty good but he will never be greater than Ron Burgundy.