This has to be the coolest video I have seen in awhile, and I was able to meet this guy this weekend! One of the best bar conversation I've had in awhile.


Meet Cliff, a doctor from Arizona who I met this weekend at Hope and Anchor. We started talking and he told me he had a great video of him riding a Mola fish.  I didn't believe him at first until he pulled this video out and played it for me. While vacationing in Ensenada, Cliff and a few buddies saw a huge Mola fish swimming by their boat and he took the opportunity to do something not many people would be able to...he rode the Mola.

A Mola fish is the heaviest of all bony fish and can be as large as 14 feet vertical and 10 feet horizontal. So this fish can be a big boy when fully grown. Since the video has gone up, it has been viewed over 600,000 times on Youtube. You can chekc out this video below.