Have you ever bungee jumped, got on the sling shot ride or gone rope swining on high canyons? Seems like this woman had no choice.

A woman was getting ready to 'rope swing' on an alarmingly huge canyon, when she came to the conclusion that she wasn't going to leap on a 400-ft swing until her boyfriend, known by the name of Creighton gave her a shove. (She wasn't too happy about that.)

Her reaction? On her way down, she yelled,

"I'm breaking up with you!"

Creighton was laughing so hard and didn't take her comment seriously. Devin Graham (Devin Supertramp) caught the video clip while filming "World's Most Insane Rope Swings Ever", which depics people attaching themselves to a rope and swing over high mountains/canyons.

Whether this was real or not ... am pretty sure her reaction was not faked!

Here's the video: