If this guy is going to bet that kind of cash on snow fall, he might want to consider moving a little farther west!

Chicago jeweler Rich Bennett found a neat way to lure in Christmas shoppers.  He promised anyone buying jewelry from him between Black Friday and Christmas Eve a full refund for their purchase IF it snowed three inches or more on New Years Day.

New Years Day arrived and so did 3.7 inches of snow!  D'oh!  Bennett lost his gamble by .7th of an inch!  Now he owes $151,000 in refunds but, he's not upset.  Hell, he's planning a champagne party to pay off his "winners".  (I think Bennett may need to come in from the cold ... it seems to be affecting his mind.)

He said:

To do something like this for the people we have as customers, they're awesome and if we can give something back like this to them; it's so much fun for us".

If that's his idea of fun, I'm inviting him to El Chuco.  Maybe he'll bet me a new Harley - Davidson on whether or not we'll have blowing sand this spring!