I was always told there would be the second coming of Jesus, but I didn't expect him to attend a dart competition in England when he came back though. I'll take this as a good sign though, about the impending apocalypse.


33 year old Nathan Grindal showed up at the Cash Converters Players Championships in Somerset, England to watch a dart match. Unfortunately due to his full beard, long, flowing locks, and the fact that you could get a 4 pint beer at this thing, the 4,500 crowd mistook him for Jesus.

This led to the organizers of the championship asking him to leave due to his presence at the game disrupting the players. Check out this video to see how insane the crowd gets for Grindal.

Nathan Grindal took it in the wrong way and said he felt humiliated and was "emotionally distraught" by the events from that night. If he really is Jesus, he should have turned all their beer into water and left the room. That'll show them.