Ever stare at a menu forever and find yourself unable to decide what you want?  This guy has solved that problem for us!

Order 1 of everything and go nuts!  I'm not sure ... from a healthful standpoint ... how great of an idea this is but, as far as not wasting a lot of time staring at the menu making up your mind, it works!!

This guy went to McDonalds and ordered one of everything on their dollar menu.  Then, smooshed it all together into one mega Mc-zilla burger and tore it up. Except the ice cream cone ... he destroys that while he waits for the order.

Obviously, this feeding frenzy cost more than a dollar.  He appears to be a student ... and an athlete I'm betting ... and we know students are always broke so, I hope McDonalds gave him a discount!

What's the worst or weirdest food combination you've ever eaten??