Decriminalizing marijuana has been a big topic on the show this week, with Texas state Representative Joe Moody calling the show to talk about House Bill 81.

And a recent poll from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune shows that more and more people in Texas are for decriminalizing in some way. The poll compares to how people felt just two years ago. Here are the number breakdowns to the questions, "Should marijuana be legal in Texas?"

  • Never
    • February 2015 - 24%
    • February 2017 - 17%
  • Medical Only
    • February 2015 - 34%
    • February 2017 - 30%
  • Small Amounts
    • February 2015 - 26%
    • February 2017 - 32%
  • Any Amount
    • February 2015 - 16%
    • February 2017 - 21%

So as you can see, there's an increase in people who think that small amounts or any amounts of weed should be legal. While medical only has dropped, it's most likely because more and more people are okay with it becoming legal. Just look at the numbers drop for people who think it shouldn't be legal at all. It's down a full 7%.