The new season of "The Joe Schmo Show" premieres tonight on Spike TV.  Here's what the show is about:

The all-new season of Joe Schmo is bigger, badder, and more ambitious than ever. We've upped the ridiculousness: now our unwitting victim is competing to be a bounty hunter and is in the midst of some of the most outrageous characters yet concocted for a fake reality television show program (including a high-maintenance version of Lorenzo Lamas).

While our chosen Schmo competes for the chance to collar cons, the cast and crew around him will work 24/7 to protect the biggest con of all: the show itself. How long can it continue? Will Chase – all around good guy and unwitting victim – catch on? We'll find out when The Joe Schmo Show debuts Tuesday, January 8th at 10/9c on Spike.

One of the stars of the show, Lorenzo Lamas was on the KLAQ Morning Show to talk about the show.

Here's how he describes the show:

"The show is based on a fake reality show in which the winner will $100,000 and become a bounty hunter.  Everyone on the show is an actor expect our Joe Schmo.  And our job is to make him believe that everything happening around him is real."

You can listen to the interview below: