Everyone is searching for something. The best coffee in town, somewhere to go on a first date, maybe even something to do with mom on Mother's Day. We are compiling lists of some of our favorite things to see/do/get in El Paso and Las Cruces.

Feel free to chime in with your favs!

  • The Worst Intersections In El Paso

    With our ever-growing population, there are some places it would be better to avoid if you can. We've found a few of them and give you advance warning.

  • El Paso's Best Rock of 2011

    As voted on by you!

    We posted all the best rock that came out in 2011 and asked you to tell us which tracks were your favorites. We took your votes and built our year-end list of the best rock from 2011 and played it on New Year's Eve and then twice on New Year's Day. Thanks for making 2011 rock!

  • The Best Concerts of 2011

    We had a lot of fantastic shows come to the Sun City in 2011, and we asked you for your favorites from the year. A lot of you picked the Deftones appearance in El Paso as your favorite show from the past year. Find out what else made the list!

  • Best Places to Find a Date

    Although it sometimes seems like everyone you meet is married, there are a lot of single people out there still looking for someone. We thought of a couple places to meet new people and see what can happen! If they work for you, let us know!

    Photo EPNightlife
  • The Biggest Storms to Hit El Paso

    With all the crazy weather we've had this year, we thought it might be fun to look back at the most memorable storms we've had here in El Paso. From the freeze in February, the floods a few years ago and more!

  • The Craziest Sports Fans in El Paso

    El Paso is a pretty rabid sports town. People love their Cowboys, Miners, this is a huge soccer town, too! But there are always a few who stand out from the rest of us on game day. Here's a few of them.

    Maynard Haddad
  • Our Favorite Haunted Places

    What would Halloween be without some scary places to go visit in hopes to find a ghostie or two? Maybe some creepy voices, or things moving to scare the crap out of your girl and make her want some "hold me" time?

    Ft. Bliss Ghost
  • Bizarre El Paso Food Staples

    Admit it. You eat some really strange stuff sometimes. It's okay, we all do. But when people come in from out of town and see this stuff, it has to be at least a little disturbing.

  • Best Places To Go For A Bachelor Party

    How far will you go to throw the best bachelor party ever? Bangkok? Who has that kind of budget? Here are some ideas to help you throw something wild here in El Paso!