Technology, wonderful but can leave kids clueless with how to use older versions. For instance, how would kids understand how a walkmen works, when they are used to iPods now.


The Guys over at TheFineBros Youtube channel decided to have kids, ages ranging from 6 to 13 years old, check out some older technology and see if they are able to understand it. Not only how it works, but even what is the purpose.

When the kids are first handed the walkman, every single one of them asked what it was. One little girl even excitedly exclaims that it is a phone. Unfortunately, she is wrong. Next question, what is it used for? The guesses were walkie talkie, something you talk into and a boom box (so close). Only one 8 year old girl guessed that it was a cassette player.

Then they were asked how exactly does it work. None of the children understood how the Walkman worked, or why they couldn't hear anything when they finally figured it out. The best part of the video is when the kids learned how to rewind the Walkman, and how they would have to find a song you were looking for. One of the kids said this was all too much effort just to hear a song.

By the end of the video you feel old, annoyed and really want to smash these kids phones.  See the video for yourself and reminisce on the good old days when you used to make your best friend and beau a sweet mixtape back in the day.