People are already emailing offering a plethora of different favors for me to win my Green Day tickets. Let me enlighten you on what I will and will not consider for my tickets. Plus just some random facts they may help you come up with an idea. Hey, at least I'm giving you guidelines unlike these other dudes!

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OK to everyone who is emailing me right now, here are the rules for my tickets for Green Day:
1. I was kidding about moving my furniture in my new house, you need to be more creative than that.
2. You also can not take me on a date/bang/make out/ do anything sexual for me for tickets. I can get that on my own thank you.

3.  I will not let you suck on my toes. I'm not a feet person.

4. No animal sacrifices. I'm far too much of an animal lover for that to happen.

5. I am not opposed to public humiliation on your part. The bigger the better in my opinion.

6. I do have a sick obsession with Del Taco, In N Out, and California Pizza Kitchen. Take that information any way you wish. Don't even try me with gift cards. I need effort.

7. The more creative the better chance you have of winning. I'm not very inventive so if your ideas are better than mine you have a good chance of winning.

8. I'm a softie at heart. Animals, sappy stories, charities, all that kind of things. Do something good and good enough you may have a chance.

9. I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson, Twilight, Beautiful Creatures, and basically any kind of embarrassing fantasy trilogy. Take that knowledge how ever you want.

10. Something Green Day themed is still best. Remember, this is for concert tickets to see them so I do appreciate something about them.

So there are some ideas of what I would and would not like to see for this contest. Have fun and come up with some good ideas! I can't wait to see what you bring my way!