Huffington Post recently came out with an article stating that El Paso is the No. 8 Metro area with young adults 20-34 years old living at home. I lived at home until I was 22 years old, so I have first hand knowledge of this. So I came up with my own reasons of why young adults are staying at home longer.

  • Mom Cooks Better Than Me

    Sure, you may own at Top Ramen and Mac N Cheese, but I know I have some difficulty making chicken enchiladas and lasagna. Mom can make almost anything I want her to and it'll taste ten times better than if I had attempted it. And actually learning to make it yourself? Puh-lease! I like watching football while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, not making the dinner myself!

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  • Dad can fix anything

    I know when I need to change my air conditioning filter, I don't know what that is. But my dad sure does! Plus, when your car starts acting funny he can always find out whats going on with it. And a flat tire, there is no way I am getting on my hands and knees to attempt to fix it. This is why I won't send him to a retirement home when he gets old. Plus I don't want to be left out of the will.

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  • All the $ You Save!

    If I didn't have to pay my rent and bills for my apartment, I would have a lot more money to spend on my bad habits. Also, my mom loves wine as much as me so her Sams Club sized bottles would work for the both of us.

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  • Less People Get Raped and Murdered On Crime Shows When They Are Living At Home

    Lets face it- young women, living in an apartment on her own with only a small cat as company-chick your getting murdered in this episode! Now, twenty something year old living with mom and dad, you dad's going to shoot that Mofo before he can even get close to your lady bits.

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  • Dad Kills Bugs Better Than Me

    I don't do good with creepy crawlers. I scream like a little girl and will jump on top of chairs to hide from them. Great when Dad is there to save the day, bad when you live by yourself and no one is there to kill it. You get stranded on top of a chair unless it dies on its own.

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  • I Don't Clean But My Mom Sure Does!

    I am not the cleanest person in the world. I'd rather watch Snapped and My Cat From Hell then vacuum any day. Living at home you really don't have to either. My mom has a cleaning lady that cleans her place so I blame her for my lack of cleanliness. Also my best friend Sarianne when I was little used to clean my room so I could hang out with her. So I have been conditioned this way by both.

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  • Mom and Dad will Treat You To Dinner

    You don't need to put yourself out there for a date! Mom and Dad will take you out and you don't have to put out! Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or Chinese Buffet its all on the parentals people!

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  • No One Wants To Marry You.....At Least Right Now

    Lets face it- it's a definite culture thing that a lot of men and women who live with their parents do it until they get married. It's 2012 and if the gays can live on there own because they can't get married so can you, 29 year old whose mom still does your laundry for you! Your not going to find a wife if you can't even bring lady friend home with you after the bar. Or if you do, she has to wake up to your mom making you both breakfast in the morning. It's a turn off. Plus, if you can't do the things on this list, I guarantee you a lot of girls are like me and they need a guy who can.

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