It feels good when I get to beat Lauren at something, since we all know I can't beat her at shooting. On the morning show, Lauren said she would only show us her outfit from Q-Rotica if I made a post for her, AND it got at least 100 likes" from Facebook. At first, I thought it would be difficult, until I started pimping the post out on Facebook. With no help from her, I finally reached 173 "likes" for the post which is far more than the meager 100 she asked for.

So since I am so amazing at working only when there is a bet involved, she gave me the picture of her Q-Rotica outfit. The only thing, poor Intern Emily I think is going to get more harassed for her "assets" then Lauren is for the corset. So thanks Emily for taking one for the team.

Intern Emily, left; Lauren, right