So today on the morning show I discussed my feelings about guys peeing in a bucket at a tailgate. Now what would a girl do? I'll tell you what Lisa would do! Now, I find it A LOT worse for a guy to join other men and pee into a bucket together and add it all up. Now you have a bucket full of hot, stinky, men urine.

I prefer the method known to women as poppin a squat. If you don't know what that is (you obviously haven't hung out with me before) but I shall explain it to you. This is when the ladies open both doors to the car and sit on the side rail of the car and proceed to let it all out. Pee I mean, I'm not gross enough to drop a deuce outside. Depends how drunk I am.

Sometimes, when I drink a lot I enjoy sitting outside, contemplating life, and go ahead and letting it all go. So ladies, do you enjoy peeing outside? Or would you rather try the balancing act of peeing standing up and making it land in a bucket. I can't pee on the wall and write my name but I have had guy friends that have done it for me. Most romantic night ever.