Pretty self explanatory I think.


So, on the KLAQ Morning Show this morning Buzz and I discussed how great Lauren looked in her Q-Rotica outfit. To be exact, we played "Lady in Red" for her when she came in this morning. Not to mention Lauren is what Buzz calls, "a goodie two shoes." For me, I find her to be the perfect mix of manly belching and a classy wardrobe.

So when she showed up to Q-Rotica wearing a sexy red corset, we were all shocked by it. But no one took a picture of her! She has one photo of herself in the outfit which is why we want her to put it on the KLAQ website. So here is what you need to do.

"Like" this post. There you go. That easy. Just click the small Facebook "like" on the bottom of this page and if I get 100 "likes" she will post her picture. You all know you want to see it too!