Robin Meade of Headline News has been getting some mileage out of making fun of El Paso’s newest Holiday Light display.

It’s the one that City Councilman and perennial nay-sayer Eddie Holguin created.

It cost $25,000. And it looks like somebody bought half an aisle of decoration from Big Lots for a couple hundred bucks. Seriously, I’ve seen synagogues that have more impressive Christmas lights than what I’m seeing in this video. This is like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of city light displays.

I’m going to reserve final judgment until I see it for myself. Maybe they just haven’t finished putting up all the lights. Or, who knows, maybe the Grinch came and stole all the who-whizzlers, who-blogibbers and all the who-extension cords.

I’m going to do a inspection at Shawver Park later today and I’ll report back right here tomorrow.