hey buzz, have u heard of planking? the kids at eastwood r all over it. it has been outlawed in australia. some kids take it too far and plank on moving buses and cars. utube or fb it. tom
       Tom, I'd never heard of it until you brought it to my attention. I was intrigued, so I went on line. For those of you that are as uninformed as I was, here's a video from Good Morning America about the "planking" craze... 

     Yeah. So basically the lamest generation of teenagers(the current one) has extended their lameness to even their life-threatening and possibly criminal pasttimes. This craze involves laying down while doing stuff! Oooooh, thats so dangerous. "Look at me...I'm laying down on a moving car".   

     As proof of the inherent lameness of this current generation, let me remind you of a little craze called "Roof Surfing", a very dangerous activity that was documented in the seminal 80's classic "Teen Wolf" with Michael J. Fox. Compare the following images.  

Planking: Gag me with a Spoon!

Good show, current teenagers. You've managed to take a 30 year old moronic craze, strip it of it's  inherent danger, coolness and rebelliousness and turn it into yet another couch potato activity you can do while laying down. They should add it to the next X Games...and you can all get your little "Participant" trophy's you've been given since you were 5 , despite the fact that you've never won or accomplished  anything in your life.