It’s the very last round of our ‘Most Regrettable Tattoo’ contest and we need your vote. Take a look at these last 4 tattoos and decide which most deserves the free tattoo removal procedure from Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center of El Paso.


Samuel says: I was young and very stupid. I got it when I was 15 years old and I’m now 37 and I despise this tattoo…thought about trying to get a cover up , but I would love to get this thing removed.


Landon says: 17…Drunk…and STUPID!!!. I moved to EP at 13 and grew up in the LV. After years of drug and alcohol problems due to the need to fit in I got this tat because of the crowd I fell in with. The original “artist” passed out after one letter and with liquid confidence I decided to finish it myself on the spot loaded on tequila and rum. This tat has cost me jobs, relationships and even the respect of certain family members. I’m 29 now, clean for 8 years with a fiancé. This tat serves as a constant reminder every time I look at my hands of memories that I wish to never think of again. I desperately want this removed before we get married for the sake of my fiancé, our families, and our future children.


Chino says, “ this tattoo was supposed to be a snake skeleton , I made the mistake of going to a guy tattooing out of his garage and the tattoo came out looking like a centipede then I went to a shop and they were able to cover the centipede up. people are always asking me what my tattoo is its embarrassing hope I win this contest so I can do away with it. thanks.”


Anthony says, “ I got this tattoo to help out a friend. He was just starting out, the tattoo looked nothing like the drawing. Worst thing is i thought i was being a good friend and helping out…didn’t know i was going to be charged for it($80)! Please help me remove it!! hope he doesnt see this haha. By the way i have no idea what it is suppose to be”

*Voting ends Sept 6th at midnight*