Someone call Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn because there’s a new wedding crasher in town.

Okay, to be fair, this guy didn’t exactly “crash” the wedding since he was invited, but punching a woman, evading arrest, grabbing an officer’s baton, and eventually getting arrested certainly qualifies for destroying a party.

 Very early Sunday morning, guests of a wedding party decided to continue the celebration in a club inside a hotel in Las Cruces. A fight broke out at the club, because a wedding is the perfect place to argue, and Mario A. Saiz decided to punch a woman. According to the press release, Saiz punched the woman so hard, she fell to the ground and remained unconscious until after paramedics arrived. When officers tried to arrest Saiz, he resisted and grabbed an officer’s baton. Sensing his friend was in trouble, another man, Paul Calderon tried to help Saiz escape officers’ grasp.


Justice prevailed and the two were eventually arrested. The woman who was assaulted was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and all the officers are fine. No word from the bride and groom, but I’m willing to bet these two guys also got them a pretty crappy gift.

Here’s to wedded bliss!