This story really does stink and it's thanks to 12 year old Jordan Armstrong from White Sands Missile Range, Las Cruces, NM.

Jordan Armstrong was the grand prize winner of $2,500 and she beat out people from all across the country. Kids run and play through everything including mud, rain, ect.

Judges look out the outside & inside but most importantly they judge based on the odor. According to one of the judges, Dr. Herz, a smell expert from Brown University, "It's not enough that the sneakers repel me. They should make me feel faint, or wish I had a clothespin or a gas mask nearby. That's the kind of stink that takes home the gold."

Jordan also won a two-night stay in New York City, tickets to the Broadway Show THE LION KING, the Golden Sneaker Award, and a supply of Odor-Eaters products to kick out the odor from her new sneakers. Jordan's rotten sneakers will also be enshrined in the Odor-Eaters "Hall of Fumes".