It’s Monday and time for another Facebook fan of the week. This week is a young metal head who shows us what music really means to her.

Listener Pic

Meet Georgia Hale, this week’s fan of the week. Georgia told us why she believes she should be the KLAQ Facebook fan of the week:

I may not look like it, but I am a huge metal-head. I grew up with classic metal and rock, thanks to my dad. KLAQ makes me happy, and makes me realize that I am never alone, and there are people like me everywhere, plus you guys make me laugh in the mornings. I've lived here, KLAQ has made the transition much easier, plus we are getting better concerts here (thumbs up brahs). I've been through a lot in my not so many years (being sixteen years old), but you guys brighten up my day no matter how bad I feel. Plus, you guys are super chill to all the fans at the concerts. You guys rock!!! (/-.-)/ /(-.-/)

Georgia, you are just the type of listener that we love to hear about. You're young and passionate about the music that you love. You remind me a lot of myself actually when I was your age. You will probably be just as obsessed with music as me in about ten years. I remember meeting you at Balloonfest last year as well, and you are a joy to see at our shows. Thanks for being such a loyal listener and whenever you're having a bad day, switch it onto the Q. Your friends are always here for you. Stop by the station and we will hook you up with a KLAQ swag bag for being such a cool fan! Can't wait to see you again at Balloonfest this weekend!

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