Need to spice up your sex life? Dr. Sadie Allison can help you with any questions or problems and we know some people on the KLAQ Morning Show could use some love advice.

Dr. Allison has wrote four award-winning sex-help guides that she has been kind enough to send to us. Fernie has read at least one and is excited to speak to with Dr. Allison for even more advice.

Not only does Dr. Allison give great advice, she is the founder and CEO of Tickle Kitty Inc. She also created, a site that is providing sexual toys and knowledge to help inspire people into reaching the ultimate exotic pleasure.

If you miss the KLAQ Morning Show interview, you can also contact Dr. Sadie Allison yourself by visiting her site to find out some sexual knowledge. If you think your pretty educate on sexual pleasures but are a little nervous about using toys, she's got a page for that.