The KLAQ Morning Show took a field trip to Miller Horse Farms in La Union last week as a team building exercise. Besides a few complaints from Lisa and the occasional group giggle about Buzz being wider than his horse, it all went pretty smoothly.

Check out the slideshow below for photos from the trip.  And yes, that’s a photo of Buzz’ horse, Lonestar, with his “horse parts” hanging out. Of course Buzz would get the horndog horse.

klaq1's KLAQ Field Trip album on Photobucket
Ready for a few laughs? City girl Lisa didn’t exactly have the time of her life. Watch the progression of photos below where Lisa starts out with smiles and giggles and ends the day with a forced smile.
All smiles and laughter. She’s ready for a good time!
On the horse for 10 minutes. Silliness still prevails.
Kinda just hanging in there. Wondering why saying “please stop” to her horse doesn’t make him stop.
No longer having a good time. She scowls between complaints.
Finally off the horse, departing from the field trip, Lisa gives the fakest smile she can muster