Get ready, Borderland. We’re bringing you another round of Q Hottie Battle. This week we have two girls who both want to be crowned this week’s “Hottie.” A live music lover who loves to boogie against a metal chick named after an Iron Maiden song. Both sound like good dating material to me!

The winner of this battle will win an exclusive, can’t-buy, only-for-hotties, T-shirt. So here we go! Vote for which one you think is the hottest.

Meet Alex:

Hi! My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. I am a student taking a semester brake for a little self-reflection and fun. I am a server/bartender who loves her job and works hard for what I want. There's no feeling in the world that beats that of live music and friendship. I'm always up to boogie on the dance floor. However proudly single with no children, my family means more to me than anything in the world. I love to eat and can drink most men under the table. That's what El Paso women do.


Meet Kasha: Named after an Iron Maiden song, I've always been a metal/rock chick! I also wear many other "hats" including grad student, animal shelter volunteer, & a traveling gypsy! You can always see me at the metal shows, even though it can be hard to see me since I'm short.