If you have been living under a rock this weekend, we have announced one of the opening bands for the 2014 KLAQ Balloonfest. The Pretty Reckless will be rocking the stage at Wet N' Wild during our Memorial Day Weekend event. Last year we had another beauty rock the stage, Lzzy Hale. I got to interview Lzzy, Arejay and Joe after their performance and let's just say, things got weird!

I never got to share this with you wonderful listeners last year and have been waiting for Balloonfest to come back around, to show you some of the madness that happens when it's all over. I was nervous all day waiting to interview Halestorm, which I am obsessed with, and it was my first interview with a band!

This video is so hard for me to watch because I am so embarrassed. I totally get why people were making fun of me all day about freaking out over Halestorm because I look like I am just under their spell! I am a proud Lzzbian and I am so grateful to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity, thanks to KLAQ.

Joe told me they don't do too many post-concert interviews and I think they should do way more. Arejay is so full of Monster Energy drinks, I think Lzzy wanted to put him on a leash. Forgive me for being nervous and the quality of the video isn't the greatest but it's still a pretty interesting video to watch. Remember to keep listening and checking out KLAQ.com for all of your 2014 Balloonfest news!


KLAQ Balloonfest