I really didn't know if I should put Melissa as our Facebook fan of the week, or Hottie of the year! This lady is quite the stunner! 

Listener Pic

Melissa is a long time listener of the morning show that is an active tweeter with us! We love her spunk and her input in our twitter conversations. I'm glad you like the Lorde CD too Melissa! Here is what Melissa said as to why she should be our Facebook fan of the week:

I should be the Facebook Fan of the week 'cause I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with KLAQ and the Morning Show Crew! I wake up early EVERY morning before I really need to just to hear the morning show...everymorning...religiously! Pick me! Pick me! I LOVE KLAQ!! You guys make my day EVERYDAY! :D

Thanks Melissa! Fans like you make our day too!

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