Alice in Chains had a song in the 1990's that can still be heard on KLAQ 95.5 FM. 'Man in the Box' is my jam and every time I hear it on the Q, I turn my radio up all the way and just rock out.

I don't know why but people on the internet just love cat's and cat videos. I stumbled upon this hilarious parody of 'Man in the box.' It's from 'Kitties in Chains' and it's called 'Cat in the Box'.

The songs lyrics have been changed. This version is all about the kitty litter box. Those things can get really stinky if you don't change them out often. Cats are kind of growing on me but if I get one then I want it to look like Garfield.

The original will always be my favorite but whenever I need a good laugh I'll be sure to look this video up.