No, Gene doesn't have rabies.  We're talking Veterans here!  Now that you're done with the U.S. Army, the KISS army wants you!!With military posts all around El Paso and Ft. Bliss right smack in the middle of El Paso; we've got lots of vets wandering around.  This post is directed at you folks!

If you're a vet and you like KISS, you could go on tour with them!!

Even if you're not a fan, it would still be SUCH a monster blast going on the road with them as part of the crew!  Yep a roadie for KISS and Motley Crue; they're together this summer.  (Imagine the ladies these 2 bands will attract!! Guys, you can take up Genes' slack ... he's married now!)

KISS have always been big supporters of Veterans and Veterans causes. They've given LOADS of money to the Wounded Warrior Project and now they're involved in Hiring Our Heroes!  According to this what the lucky guy or girl is in for:

The lucky veteran who gets the gig will be part of the team that assembles the KISS stage set, helps run effects during the show and takes down the set afterwards. Applicants do not need to be a trained carpenter, but will work long hours.  

Pretty sweet huh??  KISS fan or not, it would be pretty bad ass to be out on the road with them, Crue and a totally over the top stage show!! 

If you're interested, send an email to Be sure and include your resume and contact details!!

Good luck!!  If any area vets make the final cut, send me an email ( so we can keep everyone posted on how it's going for you! 

For more information on Veterans affairs and benefits, contact the El Paso veterans affairs office at 915-759-7990 or visit them at 4641 Cohen Ave.! 

Good luck and thank you Vets .. one and all .. for your service and sacrifice!!