In case you'd need another reason to sign up for the Orion VIP trip package we're giving away, here's something I'd love to check out at the festival this year. Last year, each band member had his own "tent" with things that reflect that guy's hobbies or interests. James had cars and bikes, Lars had movies, Robert had skating stuff, and the whole band had their museum.

The part I really want to see...Kirk's Crypt! I'm a big horror movie fan, and Kirk has so much cool stuff, including posters, statues, masks...all kinds of things from film and TV to check out. It's going to be bigger and better this year, with some famous actors, people in costume, and more.

You only have a few more hours to sign up for the trip, and even if you don't win, look into making the journey to Detroit for this show. I'm trying to plot something for it now.