Fans are still wondering about the future of the Kings of Leon after a weekend filled with shortened and canceled concerts. According to "The Hollywood Reporter," frontman Caleb Followill abruptly left the stage during a show in Dallas, Texas, Friday, reportedly telling the crowd his voice was "completely 100-percent wrong." He said he would be back after he threw up and drank some beer, but the singer never returned. Bassist and younger brother Jared Followill apologized to fans, saying they should "hate Caleb" and not his bandmates. The official cause for Caleb's early exit was heat exhaustion from playing in the 90-degree weather, but tweets from the rest of the Kings suggest there was more to it. Jared tweeted that the problems in the band are "bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade," adding that there are "internal sicknesses & problems" that "needed to be addressed."