They could've shown Jason Statham driving a car and punching people for two hours and it would have been more tolerable. Instead, they decided to include a laughable, convoluted plot. Here are things that make no sense whatsoever.

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    The Plot

    A group of retired SAS (The Feathermen) try to prevent assassins from killing members of their elite commando unit. But they never bother to tell these highly trained soldiers that they are in any danger. If I had a friend that was on somebody's death list I would at least give them the heads up to be on the look-out for any suspicious characters posing as a film crew or any new faces at your mess hall, lest they try and slip you some strychnine. I would share this informations especially if my friend were, himself, a highly trained merchant of death.

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    The Mission

    "You must kill everyone on this list, if you want to save Robert Dinero. Also, it must look like an accident. Oh, and you must get them to confess on camera before they die. Oh, must also get them to say "Mr. Mxyzptlk" backwards. Uh...oh yes, you must kill them using only...a shrubbery!"

    Ri. Dic. U. Lous.

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    Extras have glass-jaws but co-star actors can take superhuman levels of punishment.

    Jason Statham dispatches anonymous henchmen and soldiers by giving them a fatherly chuck under the chin and they are out like Doo Koo Kim. He then runs into Clive Owen and they proceed to batter each other for 10 minutes with a barrage of Rocky-style haymakers. Neither man suffers a loss of conciousness or a noticeable level of dishevelment. Then they jump out a window and keep fighting.

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    They always have guns. Except when they don't have guns.

    Statham and Owens always have their guns with them. Most of the time the guns are either drawn or about to be drawn. After a long chase sequence Owen corners Statham in a hospital room. No one is curious enough to go see what the god-awful racket is so they are in the room alone. O. punches S. who flies across the room. At this point, anyone who had even spent a day at police academy or killer for hire school would have pulled their weapon. Instead, they trade ineffective punches (see 3) with each other for a lengthy period. Still, no one pokes there head in to see what the ruckus is. This is what nationalized health care will get you. A deserted hospital where most of the staff is on one of their 34 weeks of "holiday" and payed killers can thrash each other with impunity.