I LOVE Texas!!

Recreational shooting is a great hobby and a nice way to spend time with the family!  So why not make a party of it??

No disrespect to the Peter Pipers and Chuck E. Cheeses' of the world but, why play a shooting "game" when you can do it for real?!?!   A shooting range in Texas has done just that and well ... to be honest ... I want to have MY birthday party there!!

Before you picture young ones running around playing cowboys and indians with live ammo; David Prince (owner of the Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville Texas) is all about safety. 

"They're not gonna be left unattended. Parents are gonna be one-on-one, or if there's not enough parents we'll have range safety officers here to show them how to do it safely."

 Read more via yahoo.com.

This is toooooo cool!!  I take my daughters shooting with me all the time as do many of my friends.  It's a great way to spend time together, it teaches many valuable lessons and ... in an age where the ability and need to own and handle guns safely grows more and more neccesary ... it teaches skills that could save their life or someone elses.   

Now throw in cake, a few friends and air conditioning??  AWESOME!!

Shooting is one of the ways I like to spend time with my loved ones.  How you do it is up to you, just be sure you do it!! Fishing, playing games, shooting, whatever you do; do it often!! 

One last word from Mr. Price in Lewsiville;

"We truly believe it's a right and a privilege to shoot and to bear arms,"  "But you have a responsibility to know how to do it well. It's your responsibility to know how to take care of your gun and know how to use it."

Very true.  What better way to learn than while having fun with friends and family??  :)

My daughters birthday is coming up.  The Ft. Bliss Rod And Gun Club has a nice 'clubhouse' area.  Hmmm .......