In 1985, two men blew their heads off with a shotgun. One lived, claiming the music of Judas Priest drove he and his friend to shoot themselves.  The band stood trial and a documentary about those events has finally been cleared for release.

Even though it was established that both men were on drugs at the time, Judas Priest were sued for allegedly putting subliminal messages into their songs which drove the men to suicide.  (Ozzy Osbourne once found himself in a similar situation.)

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A documentary about the trial, titled "Dream Deceivers", won an award from the Independent Documentary Association and got huge ratings on PBS and POV.  Sony music allowed the use of songs, lyrics and other references in the movie but would NOT allow their use in copies to be sold for private home viewing.

The documentary was lost, it seemed, forever.

Recent changes in the laws regarding licensing in videos and movies though have allowed this long lost documentary to finally see the light of day and it's now available for sale!

Priest fans, students of law and/or psychology and anyone involved in music and product/artistic licensing should check this out.  You might even learn something!