During my drive back from Ohio, One of the towns I drove by on the freeway was Joplin Missouri. If you don't watch the news or read the newspaper you might not know that

it was devastated by a tornado on May 22nd of this year. There were over 100 people killed and the town was wiped off the map. Seeing it on the news is nothing like seeing it live. I can't believe the destruction that still remains. Houses and semi trucks still wrapped around trees, 60 feet in the air. Nothing but tooth picks for tree's for as far as the eye can see. In such a beautiful place in these great United of States, Joplin used to be lush with tree's, fields, homes and families and now it's a baron spot on the map. Unlike many people that were pulled over taking pictures, I felt that gawking at their misfortune just wasn't the thing to do. As soon as I arrived back in El Paso, I got on line and made a donation to -"the Joplin Missouri Disaster Relief Fund or the Reading Kansas Disaster Relief Fund". Both relief funds can be found on line. Please take a second out of your busy day to do something for another AMERICAN that can use our help.
Thank you in advance for your support