So, I got bored and decided to do some of my show in Buzz' studio, which is probably a bad idea, considering all the crap lying around, and the sicknesses they all spread around. I found they have a lot of junk in here, and it's pretty messy. It looks like Fernie has been cleaning again, but it's still a mess.

Does the salt make the birth control taste better with the whiskey?

Are those birth control pills with the whiskey? And I've seen Buzz go into the bathroom with those wipes. Gross
Toaster. On the floor. In case you're too drunk, and you're lying on the floor and want toast.
Cold and cough syrup, since they're always passing around something communicable.
Their webcam, and some (partially) eaten food. Someone will probably eat the rest sometime this week.
The Buzz Music World...his banjo, guitar and another exercise toy that doesn't get used. There's a karaoke machine back there, too.
Buzz' Shake-Weight. Don't ask.