The internet is a fun thing. It makes everyone browse like men describe women shopping. I call I "Shiny Syndrome", and I know a LOT of people who suffer from it in their normal life. But "Shiny Syndrom" seems to affect everyone once we get on the internet. You start off looking for something, see something shining and click on it. This takes you to four hundred more shiny things before you remember you never went to the place you'd started out for.

This was my surfing day:


If this isn't a RUN BRO situation...well, I know others, but this is definitely on the list.

David Draiman's New Project

Now that Disturbed is on indefinite hiatus, the guys in the band are finding new projects to play around with. John Moyer joined Adrenaline Mob a few months back, and is hitting the road and playing shows. David Draiman is recording his new "industrial" project, and it now has a name: Device.

Metallica Lisbon Footage / 3D Movie

Metallica posts video footage from every stop on their tour schedule. Each video includes some random stuff, all the guys in the meet & greet, tuning room music and one full song from that night's show. This video starts off with a cool zipline video as the cameraman flies over the field and stage. Pretty cool video, and another live black album track.

Lars talks a little about the concept for this 3D movie that's in the works for Metallica. What is it? Part concert, part other stuff. In 3D. He's not that specific, really.

Carnival of Madness Tour

It's coming to El Paso on August 18th (it's a Saturday!) to the Don Haskins Center. Tickets go on sale to everyone tomorrow morning at 10am at all Ticketmaster locations, and online. Get all the info here.

Rush New Album Stream

If you're impatient and can't wait to get your own copy of the new Rush album "Clockwork Angels", you can listen to the whole thing online right now. Walmart has the whole album up so you can check it out in hopes that you'll buy it after hearing it.

Kyuss Lives!

Fans of doom, sludge-rock know the name Kyuss (and usually revere it). It launched the career of Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, who aren't participating in the "reunion" and touring. There's even a lawsuit trying to stop it from continuing. That doesn't stop the guys in Kyuss Lives! from playing shows, and letting people see the music they haven't had access to live since the mid-90's.

Halestorm and Aranda Rock "Black Dog" at the KLAQ BBQ!

With Aranda performing here in the studio today, and at Cool Canyon Nights, I was remembering their kick-ass performance of "Black Dog" with Halestorm from the KLAQ BBQ last September. If you haven't seen it, I'll make it easy on you (it's fantastic):

Bruce Dickinson's New Aircraft Maintenance Business

Bruce Dickinson has earned (in my mind) a reputation for being one of the hardest working people in music. He's been the singer for Iron Maiden for about 30 years, had a great solo career, been a top-ranked fencer, written novels, hosted radio and TV shows, and been a professional pilot for years. I get tired just typing that out. He's also started a new business in Wales, to maintain and repair aircraft. Check out this video of Bruce himself showing you around his new facility and talking about everything his company will be able to do. (Warning: Geeky pilot stuff inside)

New 10 Years Song Streaming

The new 10 Years album "Minus the Machine" comes out on July 31st, and the first single from it is up for streaming! Check out "Backlash" right now. It's a pretty cool rocker. Brian Vodihn has let go of the guitar again to return to the drums, with lots of new energy.

Trivium Acoustic Performances

Trivium are still supporting their album "In Waves" and here's some cool acoustic performances of "Black" and "Built to Fall" they did recently. These songs are a couple of my favorites from the CD, and sound really good acoustically.

Cruising The Clubs

I love the Cruising the Clubs music. For some reason I find it hysterical. Scott and I laugh pretty much every time we play it. More importantly, we can talk about the bands and where they're playing. Get the info on how to send us your gig info, and check out the show listings to find out where to go see some great live local rock. If you are in a band and would like to have your band featured here at, we can do that too! Just email me!

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess Practicing

One of the YouTube channels I follow is Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater. He'll put some boring stuff up sometimes, but he'll also put up some really cool stuff that's fun to watch. Here's a quick video of him practicing some arpeggios for the song "Lost Not Forgotten" before they hit the road again. Remember, they're coming to El Paso on July 5th to the Abraham Chavez Theatre. Go see this band, they really great live!

Game Fails - Skyrim

I talked a little about Rooster Teeth yesterday, and their Red vs Blue series, Animated Adventures and such. Today is a video from their Game Fails section. These can be pretty funny, watching all the fails of players, or in this case, a programming glitch.

Video Game High School - Episode 3

There are so many cool moviemakers on YouTube right now who do some amazing stuff. Check out Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch, who have the FreddieW channel. They have started a crazy series called Video Game High School, and got their funding through Kickstarter, where tons of people are getting money to create cool projects. Episode 3 has just come out, as well as the behind the scenes for it. Check out the series from the beginning:

Gentlemen's Rant - Weddings

I found this group of comedians back around Valentine's Day, and posted their Valentine's Rant. I've been keeping up with their weekly videos since then, and this week's is one I think we can all relate to. Weddings. So much fun. They pick apart everything we hate about them, and make us laugh.

Jenna Marbles Broke Her Hand

You either love Jenna or hate her. Some of her videos are really funny, some are just okay. This one is pretty funny, and she actually takes responsibility for being a dumbass and breaking her own hand punching a wall while drunk. Watch her try to do normal daily activities with her new club, and you'll get a treat of her nekkid in the bath.