I always hear terrible stories from friends about living with roommates. Their complaints usually consists of problems involving their roommates eating all the food, leave their trash everywhere or are always having loud sex. They should be happy they don't have a roommate like Jigsaw!

If you live under a rock, Jigsaw is the creepy puppet from the Saw movies. He seems like a fun guy always wanted to play games and meet new people but what if he was your roommate?

Chris Capel has created a short film about the horrible things that happen when Jigsaw is your roommate. Jigsaw clogs the toilet, uses all the razorblades and is constantly annoying since he is always coming up with games.

Watch this short movie, "Living With Jigsaw" and enjoy all the crazy games Jigsaw comes up with. If you had a choice, what horror icon would you choose? I would choose to live with Leatherface because he seems like he knows how to cook a great meal and make killer outfits.