Jeremy Spencer of Fiver Finger Death Punch called in to KLAQ to talk about the band's new album, tour and even shared a personal story about his 17-year-old self and the legend Dimebag Darrell.

Five Finger Death Punch's new album, "Got Your Six," is coming out on Sept. 4, and I got the chance to talk to drummer Jeremy Spencer about the new album and new single. He even told me an awesome story about the time he opened up for Pantera at only 17 years old. Jeremy explained the title of the album, which has had different explanations on the internet.

"It is a military term. It's basically, a term saying that you have somebody's back...Say you're facing the 12 o'clock position somebody's at the 6 o'clock position facing you they got your back. Basically, that's what that is."

The band's first single, "Got Your Six," came from a voicemail left on guitarist Jason Hook's phone from singer Ivan Moody. Jeremy explained why Ivan leaves these voicemails on Jason's phone.

"Well he's up late at night working, he's burning the midnight oil. That's when he likes to do it and he's always called us really late. He kind of burnt out that privilege with me early on. I'd yell at him, 'Don't call me late anymore!' and I turn my phone off now but Jason's like 'Dude I don't care I'll just leave my phone on and you can leave a voicemail.' There are a million ways to capture yourself recording. You can do a voice memo of yourself on your phone, you can get a digital recorder but Ivan's such a cave man. He calls one of us to leave a message and I'm really glad he did this time because we got a single out of it. It's actually a unique, different approach for us first and foremost, and it's just different for us. It's a different groove I think it's cool I'm glad he did it."

Jeremy Spencer also talked about the band he had when he was only 17 years-old, called Cornucopia of Death and the time that they opened up for Pantera in Indianapolis, IN.

"I was so excited I opened up for Pantera. Because they were new, but they were one of my favorite bands, they were the new thing in my life....We were doing a soundcheck and we were playing a song that was really fast, really fast double bass part. At the end of it we hear this guy going 'Faster! Play it faster!' and it Dimebag on the side of the stage kind of messing with us. So we gave him one of our band t-shirts and he's like 'I'll totally wear it man.' I looked in the Metal Maniacs magazine a couple months later and he was wearing our shirt in the magazine. So I thought that was really cool at like 17 years-old."

You can hear the rest of my interview with Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch above. The Dimebag comment can be heard at the 5:50 mark.