See the Youtube videos of Jenna Farrey, the mother being extradited back to El Paso in relation to burying her baby in the desert.

This horrible local story of a missing 5-month-old baby police believe they have found dead in the desert earlier this week has a lot of El Pasoans wondering why and who hurt young Jackson Farrey. Now, his mother Jenna Farrey's Youtube channel has been found and it shows a little bit about her personality.

The Farrey family went missing at the end of last week and was found over the weekend in a motel in Escanaba, Michigan. The father, Jeremy Farrey, has been extradited back to El Paso on charges of injury to a child of omission and is currently on suicide watch.They are saying that the father had a responsibility to protect his children but failed to do so or didn't seek medical help when he should have. The mother, Jenna Farrey, waived her extradition hearing so it is easier for her to be sent back to El Paso.Their 19 month old son Blake Farrey is now in Child Protective Services in Michigan.

Since the story broke, everyone has been wondering who Jenna Farrey is and any reason she may have done what she did. Thanks to KVIA, they found her Youtube channel, full of videos of her ranting about everything from Army life, racing, people here in El Paso and very briefly her kids.

Here are some of the videos she has put up on Youtube. Special thanks to KVIA for all of their great work on this story. You can see more of her videos here.