The controversial video for Kanye West "Bound 2" video shows a topless Kim Kardashian riding on a motorcycle with Kanye as he raps some intense lyrics. Everyone thought this video was just weird but you haven't seen anything yet.

The two best friends anyone can have, Seth Rogan and James Franco have parodied Kanye's video shot for shot. Rogan plays topless Kim Kardashian straddling Franco has he lip-syncs Kanye's song. Since they were dedicated to making this parody as true to the original, Rogan and Franco do end up making out multiple times. Surprisingly, it isn't as gross as it sounds.

These two funny guys must have a lot of time on their hands if they can make such an awesome video. Rogan and Kim even had a bonding moment on Twitter as they both shared unpleasant experiences while trying to pose on a motorcycle. UGH, celebrity problems!

I find Rogan's man boobs are so much sexier than Kim's emotionless face. You can watch the parody by Rogan and Franco below and a side by side comparison to Kanye's original. Try not to laugh too hard at how much Rogan jiggles.