Last week, we (I, since everyone besides Teresa is against me) brought you KLAQ's first Hunk of the week in nerdy Sean. This week I couldn't decide between the hunky men who submitted, so I need you to help me in our first Hunk-Off! (Oh, and at the bottom of this you'll find a sexy pic of me to apologize to the men of El Paso for the hunks!)

Our first possible hunk is named Bob and says he's been a die-hard listener of the Q for the years he's been stationed in El Paso. (I just love a man in uniform. Swoon!) What I like about Bob (besides that handsome smile of his) is that he said he agrees with me that it's not fair that is filled with babes and boobs and no men when there's all these lovely ladies listening. Thanks, Bob!

Bob says he enjoys hitting the gym, running, reading Steven King books and that metal music is his life. Rock on, Bob!

Bob is going up against Jake, who has some serious guns and Cowboys pride going on but is a man of few words. Jake says, "I do stuff sometimes." Well said, Jake. Don't we all?

So, help me decide, El Paso! Who should be this week's Hunk of the Day? Bob, the swoon-worthy man in uniform or quiet Jake and his bulging biceps? Vote below and if you want your man to win, share this with all your friends on Facebook and tell them who to vote for!

Ladies, start your engines. It's a Hunk-Off!!!


If you think you have what it takes to be one of my hunks, send your pics and a description of yourself (a little more than Jake, you guys) to me at or find me on Facebook!