Tomorrow (Wednesday) is 4/20.  Where will you be AT 4:20??In honor of tomorrows .. auspicious ..  date; I thought I'd let you know where all you 4/20-ers are ok!

And where you might want to be careful!!  Not sure what to call the friendly states .. "Right To Grow" States?  "Open Tokin" States??  "Home"??

You gotta love Austin!  Only city in Texas with a decent approach to this matter .. no wonder Willie Nelson loves it there!!

Bear in mind, this list came from Wikipedia!  Facts from them have been, 'disputed' shall we say, in the past.  Interesting subject though!  

Just for the record; if I'm ever elected President rest assured this issue will be dealt with.


At 4:20 on the day of my swearing in.

I'll give you one guess which way it's gonna go!! :)