Photo by Jacobsen /Three Lions/Getty Images

"A little off the top," is not a phrase only used for your head anymore.

I remember when the Brazilian wax was news. Women (and even men) were just trying it out. Now its just as common as getting a manicure/pedicure. Its become a routine, actually one of the most requested services out there.

When I was studying Cosmetology, we had to learn how to do a wax service. Starting little by little and then taking it all off (and let me tell you ... the model was a volunteer and not necessarily a young hottie either. Took me a while to get over that).

So, are women taking it all off? Well, that all depends on the trend. Yup, apparently, there are trends and phases. Some do a full Brazilian wax as others do landing strips in different shapes and sizes (I've heard of some women waxing in the shape of lamps and other household items) as some just adjust the width and length.

So in addition to the Brazilian Wax trend, the new thing for your vertical smile is Brazilian Facials. I know, I said the same thing ... it can't technically be called a facial if its not on your face. It is the new thing, in which it helps with ingrown hairs, prevent acne and even out the skin tone.

But just in case some people were wondering if this was still "in" ... not to worry, your 'haircut of choice' is not going out of style anytime soon (and if it does, remind our significant other that beauty is in the eye of the beholder)!