Preservatives, in theory, are good things right?

I've been known to keep food a bit past the expiration date.  Ok, wayyyy past it and ... so far ... never had a problem after eating it.  Todays preservatives rock!

(Note, Dubba G is NOT suggesting you eat crap that's old as hell, past it's date or green and fuzzy.)

Here's a fresh chicken sandwich vs. a "preserved" one ... check out the difference after 4 months.  It's actually kinda creepy.

Some people don't trust all those chemicals though so my question today is, how can you tell what's really fresh?  (Here's a hint:  When it comes to guacamole, if the "fresh' stuff never turns brown, the maker isn't telling you something!)

Even those wrapped cheese singles are loaded with "stuff".  Look how they hold up!

Get's you thinking huh??  Even in your own home, you may be eating more of this stuff than you realize!  I guess the only way to truly eat fresh is to start a garden, buy a few animals and make all your food yourself.

It may not keep as long, but YOU may live longer!!