Everyone loves bacon, or at least everyone seems to love it! But there is a new study saying bacon may be be for your sperm.

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A new study has come out form Harvard University advising people to not eat bacon everyday. Now, even in my bacon loving form, I do not eat bacon everyday but some people probably do. It has been found to hurt a man's fertility by lowering his amount of healthy sperm. If you love eating meat though, more bad news for you, it is not only bacon. The study found that all processed meat, like hamburgers, ham, sausage, hot dogs and ham all could harm your healthy swimmers.

There is some hope out there for men though. You eat more of the fish taco. Well, not necessarily the taco but white fish in general should help with bringing your sperm count to a healthy number again.So feel free to binge on white fish and get your little swimmer's back up to a good, healthy number!

Bacon Harmful To Your Sperm